Special Operators in C++

operators in c++

An operator is a symbol which represents a particular operation that can be performed on data. An operand is the object on which an operation is performed. By combining the operators and operands we form an expression. An expression is a sequence of operands and operators that reduces to a single value. C operators can be classified as

  1. Arithmetic operators
  2. Relational operators
  3. Logical operators
  4. Assignment operators
  5. Increment or Decrement operators
  6. Conditional operator
  7. Bit wise operators
  8. unary operator
  9. Special operators
  10. Additional operators in c++

Here we are going with the additional operators in C++. As all above types of operators are shown in prior post. Click here to view List of C Operators.

Additional / Special operators in c++

  1. Insertion Operator ( << )
  2. Extraction Operator ( >> )
  3. Scope Resolution Operator ( :: )
  4. Pointer to member Declarator ( ::* )
  5. Pointer to member Operator ( .* )
  6. Pointer to member Operator ( ->* )
  7. Memory Management Operator ( new, delete)
  8. Manipulators in C++

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