Design Demands for Android Application

Design Demands For Android application

While developing an android application for mobile devices we need to consider following design consideration and design demands in mind.

  1. It should be fast and efficient : You should optimize the code of your android application so that it runs fast and efficient even if the hardware associated with it changed.
  2. It should use less storage as possible : An android application should use optimal amount of storage space and resources as much as possible. It should incorporate some cleaning mechanism by closing and freeing resources that are no longer needed.
  3. It should present consistent UI for all devices : The UI of the application should be designed such that it provides consistent look for both large and small screen.
  4. It should be able to handle low speed and high latency : While developing an internet based application you have to assume that the speed of the internet is not equal all the time. So you have to develop an application by considering slow internet data connection in your mind.
  5. It should be secure: Hence android application can have direct access to hardware and it is distributed independently and developed on open source plate form it should provide security restrictions.
  6. It should ensure look and feel environment to its user : The layout of an android application should be designed such that it provides look and feel environment to its users.
  7. It should be responsive : An android application should use worker threads and background services to keep your activities responsive.

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