How to create new project in Android?

The quickest way to get to know Android Studio is to use it to develop an app. We’ll start with a variation on the “Hello, World” application: a little mobile app that displays a “Welcome to Android” message.

Starting a new project

  • Step 1: Start Android Studio and Click on “Start a New Android Studio Project”. This will first check all your settings and tools. If any settings or tools are missing it will show you to correct it. After that it will prompt to create a new project. Good job android..!
  • Step 2: Fill the details on window.
    • Enter Project title
    • Set domain name
    • Set Project Location
    • Choose Language. Java/Kotlin
    • Click on Next
  • Step 3: Choose type of Activity
    • Select an Empty Activity
    • Click on Continue
  • Step 4: Wait till all different components get loaded into frame.
    • You will get a screen like shown below.

Understanding Different Sections of Android Studio

The main window is divided into a menu bar and several other areas, which are identified as mentioned below list.

  1. Tool Window bar:  runs around the outside of the IDE window and contains the buttons that allow you to expand or collapse individual tool windows.
  2. Menu / Navigation bar : Show the different Menus
  3. Application Run Menu : Shows menu related to run application
  4. Project Structure Panel : Shows different documents and folders of project.
  5. Tool Palette : Shows different tools to design user interface.
  6. Component Tree : Show the components used in GUI.
  7. Design Layout : Show the exact screen layout and blue print layout that helps to design user interface.
  8. Attributes Window : Shows the attributes related to selected tool from the GUI scree.
  9. Status bar : Shows different processes related to development and application progress.

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