Android App Resource Directories

Android App Resource Directories contains many different type of resources to complete an application. It may be any code based resources, xml based or value based resources. Below image shows the list of all available resources in Android Project View.

Android Studio provides you different views for directory structure. View Android Project Structure.

Android App Resources
Android App Resources

Android App Resource Directories:

  • res : Contains all non-code resources, such as XML layouts, UI strings, and bitmap images, divided into corresponding sub-directories.
  • drawable: Contains all image resource files and background.xml files
  • layout : Contains all GUI Layout.xml files for application activities and other layout files.
  • mipmaps: This folder contains launcher.xml files to define icons which are used to show on the home screen. It contains different density type of icons depends upon the size of the device such as hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi.
  • values : Contains all .XML files related datas. Like String.xml , colour.xml, themes.xml, Menu.xml etc.
  • AndroidManifest.xml file

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