Multiple Constructors in C++

What is Constructor overloading ?

It is possible to declare more than one constructor in a same class of different type. But default constructor must be one in a class. This satisfies the concept of function overloading. But as we have mentioned the constructor it becomes the constructor overloading in a class.

When an object of a class is instantiated, the class writer can provide various constructors each with a different purpose. Multiple constructors can be declared in a class. There can be any number of constructors in a class of different types.


class myFoo 
   int Useful1;
   int Useful2;
    myFoo(){ // default constructor
       Useful1 = 5;
       Useful2 = 10;
   myFoo( int a, int b = 0 ) { // two possible cases when invoked
       Useful1 = a;
       Useful2 = b;

The above code can have different cases while calling:

myFoo Find; // default constructor,
myFoo Find( 8 ); // overloaded constructor case 1, 
myFoo Find( 8, 256 ); // overloaded constructor case 2, 

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