Introduction to C++


C ++ is an object oriented programming language, C ++ was developed by “BJarney Stroustrup” at AT & T Bell lab, USA in early eighties. C ++ was developed from c and simula 67 language. C ++ was early called ‘C with classes’. The 1998 C++ Standard consists of two parts: the Core Language and the Standard Library; the latter includes the Standard Template Library and the Standard C Library (ANSI C 89). Many C++ libraries exist which are not part of the Standard, such as Boost. Also, non-Standard libraries…

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What is Programming Language?


In the most basic terms, a “programming language” is a means of communication between a human being (programmer)  and a computer. A programmer uses this means of communication in order to give the computer instructions. These instructions are called “programs”. Like the many languages we use to communicate with each other, there are many languages that a programmer can use to communicate with a computer. Each language has its own set of words and rules, called semantics. If you’re going to write a program, you have to follow the semantics…

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