Application of Mobile Computing

The importance of Mobile Communication has been highlighted in many
fields. Some of which a few are described below:

  1. Business:
    • Managers can use mobile computers say, critical presentations to major customers. They can access the latest market share information. To enable the company to keep track of all activities of their travelling employees, to keep databases consistent etc. With wireless access, the laptop can be turned into a true mobile office, but efficient and powerful synchronization mechanisms are needed to ensure data consistency.
  2. Infotainment:
    • Now a days there is a huge market of Entertainment for humans while they are on move. Watching movies, listening music and playing a game is become a part of life for entertainment. In this case mobile computing performs a major role to provide uninterrupted internet connection to digital devices.
  3. Replacement of Wired Networks:
    • wireless networks can also be used to replace wired networks. e.g., remote sensors, for tradeshows, or in historic buildings. Due to economic reasons, it is often impossible to wire remote sensors for weather forecasts, earthquake detection, or to provide environmental information.
  4. Credit Card Verification
    • At Point of Sale (POS) terminals in shops and supermarkets, when customers use credit cards for transactions, the intercommunication required between the bank central computer and the POS terminal, in order to effect verification of the card usage, can take place quickly and securely over cellular channels using a mobile computer unit. This can speed up the transaction process and relieve congestion at the POS terminals.
  5. Emergencies:
    • An ambulance with a high-quality wireless connection to a hospital can carry vital information about injured persons to the hospital from the scene of the accident. All the necessary steps for this particular type of accident can be prepared and specialists can be consulted for an early diagnosis.
  6. Tourism:
    • Tourism is the largest industry for all the countries. Mostly tourism places are at remote location from the developed cities. In this case wireless communication performs a vital role in connectivity for people who are enjoying their tour. They are continuously in contact with the family and friends and searching for travel services, hotel services food services etc.
  7. E-Governance:
    • Governments are using many communication services to update their rural areas. To provide health, education, safety , farming , weather forecast and many other related information to governance, governments are connecting rural areas with head quarter offices for monitoring.
  8. Education:
    • 2020 COVID Pandemic teach us a great lesson to provide distance education to all who can not reach to the college or schools. Wireless communication and digital devices are the backbone for such distance learning concept. Now all private and public industries are moving towards the online education with help of good wireless connectivity.
  9. Manage Personal Records :
    • Some mobile applications allows user to manage their personal records such as day to day activities, some useful notes, etc…
  10. Social Media and Group Message :
    • Some mobile applications allows user to keep in touch with their friends and relatives by sending messages, images, audio and video clips.
  11. Transaction :
    • Some mobile applications allow the facility of transaction such as recharge mobile, pay bills etc…

In today’s techno-crazy world almost all the peoples required mobile computing services in one or another way. There are lots of applications, and services available in the world of mobile computing. Following are the application of Mobile Computing:

These are the just few examples of wireless communication. So many new areas are growing towards the internet facility to break the wall and put them to the space of world.

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