Limitations of Mobile Computing

  1. Resource constraints: Battery
  2. Interference: Radio transmission cannot be protected against interference using shielding and result in higher loss rates for transmitted data or higher bit error rates respectively
  3. Bandwidth: Although they are continuously increasing, transmission rates are still very low for wireless devices compared to desktop systems. Researchers look for more efficient communication protocols with low overhead.
  4. Dynamic changes in communication environment: variations in signal power within a region, thus link delays and connection losses
  5. Network Issues: discovery of the connection-service to destination and connection stability
  6. Interoperability issues: the varying protocol standards
  7. Security constraints: Not only can portable devices be stolen more easily, but the radio interface is also prone to the dangers of eavesdropping. Wireless access must always include encryption, authentication, and other security mechanisms that must be efficient and simple to use.

With upgradation of new technology and digital devices some of the old limitations are no more but new limitations are taking place as market demand is always ahead of time and trends.

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