Inheritance in C++

What is Inheritance in C++ ? C++ strongly supports the concept of re-usability. The C++ classes can be used again in several ways. Once a class has been written and tested, it can be adopted by another programmers. This is basically created by defining the new classes, reusing the properties of existing ones. The mechanism of deriving a new class from an old one is called ‘INHERTTENCE’. How it Works? This is often referred to as ‘IS-A’ relationship. The old class is called ‘BASE’ class and the new one is…

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oop features

Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming Objects Classes Inheritance Polymorphism Data abstraction Data Encapsulation Dynamic binding Message passing OBJECTS Objects are the basic run-time entities in an object-oriented system. They may represent a person, a place, a bank account, a table of data or any item that the program must handle. The fundamental idea behind object oriented approach is to combine both data and function into a single unit and these units are called objects. The term objects means a combination of data and program that represent some real word…

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