Microwave Transmission

What is Microwave Transmission?

A super high frequency radio waves called microwaves. Microwave transmission involves the transfer of voice and data through the atmosphere. Microwave transmission is mainly used to transmit message between ground based stations and satellite communication systems.

How it Works?

Microwave belongs to the radio spectrum ranges of roughly 1.0 GHz to 30 GHz. Antennas used in microwave transmission are of convenient sizes and shapes. The distance covered by the signal is depends on the height of the antenna.

Microwave Transmission
Microwave Transmission

Unlike radio waves at lower frequencies, microwaves do not pass through buildings well. In addition, even though the beam may be well focused at the transmitter, there is still some divergence in space.

Since the microwaves travel in a straight line, if the towers are too far apart, the earth will get in the way .Consequently, repeaters are needed periodically.

Above 100 MHz, the waves travel in straight lines and can therefore be narrowly focused. Concentrating all the energy into a small beam using a parabolic antenna gives a much higher signal to noise ratio

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