How to use Yogi TutorGuide?

Yogi tutor Guide

Yogi Tutor Guide is helping to Create , Conduct and Evaluate FREE Online MCQ Exam System for all educators.

This post is about user help regarding how to crate and conduct

This is just a step towards the digital solution approach for the paper less examination and supervisor free exam rooms.

Yogi-Tutor Guide is a free online mcq exam system for Tutors and Institutes. It gives you various MCQ question types with advanced input for Maths, Physics and Chemistry in 15+ language Support with automated result evaluation. System includes subject wise question bank and different difficulty levels for exams.

To start using Yogi Tutor Guide is totally free for all educators. It is very simple. Just register your self as a teacher and start conducting Free Online MCQ Exam System and get free from paper based and supervisor monitored examinations system.

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Just follow these steps to better use of System:

Step 1 : Teacher Registration

  1. Open
  2. Click on Singup / Signin menu.
  3. Select Your role as teacher and click on Teacher Signup / Signin
  4. Complete Registration form
  5. After Login you will be on your Dashboard with all options.
  6. From Student Tab, add your students to the system
  7. From Academic Tab, add Class, Section and Subject details
  8. From Online Exam Tab, add Exam Related information
  9. From Report Tab, View, Print / Download Exam Reports in PDF format.
Teacher Dashboard-
Teacher Dashboard-

Step 2 : Create Online MCQ Exam:

1 : Goto Online Exam Tab and add Question Groups : This tab will help you to create your subject wise question banks.

Teacher Dashboard-

2: Add Question Levels: This tab will help you to create different levels of questions for exam. Like easy questions, hard questions, average questions.

Teacher Dashboard-

3: Question Bank: This tab will shows all your previously added questions and will provide option to add new questions to question bank.

Teacher Dashboard-

4: Add Instructions : This tab will help you to add exam instructions. These instructions will be displayed to student before start of exam.

5: My Exams: This tab will help you to create new exam for student with time, duration, date and time , Exam instructions and many more teacher friendly options.

Teacher Dashboard-

6: After that you can add question from question bank of your choice to exam you just created.

Teacher Dashboard-

Go to “Online Exam–>My Exams” Tab. It will show you all created exams. Choose last Blue icon option “Share“. It will popup the link with exam code. Last word of link is an exam code. Share the exam code / exam link with student to start exam.

Teacher Dashboard-

Step 4 : Student Registration and Exam Dashboard

Open link for student registration Student Signup / Signin. After Login student can see dashboard with options on left panel.

Teacher Dashboard-
  • Online Exam Tab: This tab will show a list of all attempted exam with results.
  • Take Exam Tab: This tab will show you a box to enter exam code to the students. After entering correct exam code, it will open a page with to Attempt Exam scheduled by the teacher on scheduled time.

Exam Dashboard for Student:

Teacher Dashboard-

On clicking the start button, It will start the exam with timer.It will show a window to attempt exam question by question and list of all attempted questions.

Teacher Dashboard-

On clicking the finish button or on End of Time, Exam will be submitted automatically to server with student responses. Teacher can see the student wise responses from Teacher Dashboard.

Immediately, Student can see their exam score in Exam Result Window.

Teacher Dashboard-

Step 5 : View Student Result Reports

Exam Report: This tab will show you different exam Reports. Like Student wise exam report, Answer sheet OMR Sheet report, Question Paper Report to print question paper.

Teacher Dashboard-
Student Wise Report
Teacher Dashboard-
Answer sheet Report

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